Attracting Healing with Switchwords and Tones

The law of attraction isn’t the only law in the universe, but it’s a powerful one. We give energy to what we think about, which means those with health challenges need to start thinking like vibrant, healthy souls.We need to live in a constant state of bright-eyed gratitude, ignoring the many times in the past when we got our hopes up about something health-related and had to feel the crushing disappointment yet again. Blah. If all that made you frustrated enough to yell, you’re not alone.

Attracting Happiness Through the Pain: All About Balance

I sit here in pain and understand the frustration with people who say you can just think yourself better.What we think and feel is huge, but there are physical limits that can be difficult to overcome.I’ve watched people with epic spirit and eternal hope crumble to cancer. It’s not that positive thinking failed. Life is just hard as hell.

If you suffer from chronic pain or serious health problems, you’re going to be sad sometimes. You’re going to need to vent. That’s okay. Positive thinking should be an ongoing goal. A project. Not something you feel guilty about when you have setbacks. The key is turning setbacks around as efficiently as possible.

Self-care is not negotiable. You have to make time for it somehow, and an easy way to do that is by listening to relaxation sounds and music while working or doing other activities. Here are some videos for reducing stress, attracting positive energy, and getting to a better state of mind.

Switchwords: Together, Divine, Count, Find

Switchwords are supposed to have all sorts of cool effects. I’ve been playing around with them for a while. Not that there’s really anything to it. Words create feelings, and experiencing them is somewhat different for everyone—I’ve known that my entire life as a writer. However, certain words do seem to affect larger numbers of us. I wouldn’t exactly say they’ve brought “miracles,” but I do think they can help change your mindset when you need it.

Schumann Resonance: Earth Frequencies

This one has frequencies that are supposed to be tuned to those of the planet. AKA the “Schumann Resonance.” There’s some science to back up the use of isochronic tones. A 2007 study found a strong synchronization response with frequencies in the delta range, a phasic response for frequencies in the theta range, and an augmented phase synchronization for the beta and gamma ranges. That’s a little hard to understand, but basically: It affects the brain. This video always makes me feel cleansed, relaxed, and renewed. Enjoy!

Manifesting Your Dreams: Law of Attraction Video

This is the video that got me interested in all this stuff. It contains both binaural beats and subliminal positive affirmations. Binaural beats are similar to isochronic tones, but you need headphones to fully utilize them. I rarely listen to this with headphones, and it still always works for me, so I assume that it’s the subliminal affirmations that do the trick. I find I am much more productive and usually make quite a bit more money when I listen to this as I work. However, you wouldn’t necessarily have to use it to manifest money. The affirmations are things like “all good things are coming to me” so you can use this one to focus on health, love, or anything you want. It’s powerful. Probably why it has over two million views!

Whatever Makes You Feel Good: Cultivating Positive Vibes

Maybe you can’t think yourself better, at least not overnight. But just because the law of attraction isn’t some magic thing that can instantly cure all your problems doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to ensure its working for you and not against you. The more you feel good, the more you are good, and the more cool things will come to you. And sometimes, cool things will come to you even when you don’t try. Others, bad things will happen even when you try your hardest. Music and sound are excellent tools to help us get through it all.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog and have a relaxing night!

❤ Iah